Copper Wire Sorting Tips

Get the most value from your Copper

A professional scrapper shares his expertise and shows us how to get the most money from our scap copper wire. Here are a few basic tips: Put each type of metal in its own container. You don't want your metals all mixed together when you show up at a scrapyard. Clean your scrap. Clean scrap means that there are no extra attachments on the metal you are cashing in. The difference between #1 Copper and #2 Copper is very simple. #1 Copper is free of any paint or brass attachments which means that 99% of the weight is Copper. #2 Copper would mean that 96% or more of the weight is copper.

Types Of Brass Scrap

Sort your Brass for the most value.

The price of Brass currently is excellent, so take some time to separate it for the most cash in your pocket. Know Your Metals. What’s the difference between ferrous and nonferrous metals? Ferrous metals and alloys contain iron and nonferrous metals do not. Which is exactly why a magnet is your most useful tool in separating and collecting metals. If your magnet sticks to a piece of metal, chances are it’s ferrous. If it doesn’t stick, chances are it’s nonferrous. The reason this is important is because there is typically a significant price difference between the two metals.